Filter Digital Data


Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools  v.1.24

The downloadable Data Lifeguard Tools now comes in both DOS and Windows versions and was written specifically for the installation of Western Digital EIDE hard drives.

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics  v.1.24

Data LifeGuard is a software that performs hard disk diagnostics.


Digital inputs filter plug-in  v.

Digital inputs filter plug-in is an additional module that provides a method to exclude less significant data records from the final data export. The module works with digital data which can be interpreted as 'True/False' or '0/1'.

Digital Photo Data Recovery  v.

Digital Photo Data Recovery utility is complete and reliable solution to safely retrieve missing photos, images, wallpaper, screenshot and other similar memorable files from USB storage media.

TrackLogs Digital Mapping  v.3.15.1

TrackLogs Digital Mapping include genuine Ordnance Survey digital data and are visually identical to the paper Explorer and Landranger maps. The maps show footpaths, bridleways and contours, just like the paper ones.

Software Data Recovery  v.

Professional digital data recovery service provides you an effective and simple method to get back all your lost data and save that at your desired location for smooth use in future.

Schlumberger Toolbox  v.2 2

The Log Data Toolbox has integrated software utilities for log data and graphics.

Recover Lost Mac  v.

Macintosh Data Recover Lost Mac application has a highest capability to easily get back your whole useful lost digital data from memory card and these files deleted due to various reasons like logically crashed phone book memory, accidentally lost da

ImageToSEGY  v.1 6

ImageToSEGY enables you to save scanned seismic paper records as fully conforming SEG-Y digital data files, complete with time stamps, fix marks, and interpolated navigation.

EOD2FCharts  v.2.0.0001

EOD2FCharts Maintains different database for each Exchange. Main Features: - Download MCX / NSE / BSE End Of Day with Indices data - Filter MCX data for Symbol, Volume & Open Interest. - Filter EQ/BE scripts for NSE.

UPA-USB Logic Analyzer  v.

A logic analyzer can trigger on a complicated sequence of digital events, and then capture a large amount of digital data from the system under test. Once the probes are connected, the user programs the analyzer with the names of each signal.

Steganography  v.1. 8. 2000

Steganography: an excellent method of embedding information on the contents of the file within another file! Make your secrets invisible in just 3 quick steps! Steganography enables you to use digital data hiding techniques (steganography) to hide

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